Fire Systems

Fire Alarm Systems quarterly maintenance schedule:

1) Check system visually for obstructions, mechanical damage/defects, shortcomings in protection (especially due to building alterations and changes of room usage within the premises).

2) Check fire alarm panel(s) and power supply units for correct mains/charge/ battery voltages, integrity of all fuses, correct operation of all controls (switches, push buttons etc.)

3) Simulate faults (mains/charge failure, battery failure, zone faults, alarm sounder circuit faults, earth fault, etc. and check system for correct operation.

4) Test 50% of all manual call points (in rotation) and check system for correct operation.

5) Test 25% of all automatic fire detectors (heat, smoke, beam, flame, air sample) in rotation and check system for correct operation.

6) Test all fire alarm sounders (bells, sirens, electronic sounders) and ancillary equipment (xenon beacons, door holders, door releases, shut-down relays, repeat panels, etc.).  For correct operation under "fire" conditions.

7) Check that there are at least one of each of the following keys on site: test, panel, etc.

8) Complete a report document which details results of the tests, together with details of any corrective action undertaken I to be undertaken and I or recommended.

9) Report findings to the responsible person on site. Make the appropriate entry in the fire alarm log book.

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