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Regular service and maintenance of your security, fire, electrical and communication systems is as important as servicing your car. Regular preventative inspections will ensure that your systems remain fully effective and may well be a requirement of your insurance policy.

The question we are frequently asked is 'Why do I need a service contract'? To which we answer:

Peace of Mind

Your security and fire systems are there to protect you, your staff and visitors. Can you rely on your systems to work; do you have 24hr emergency cover to call on if needed?


Regular servicing will protect you from some nasty bills and will allow you to get the maximum life your of your system. Reactive repairs are always more expensive than a planned service, which do you prefer?


Your insurers and indeed your own Quality Management system may require you have a formal maintenance agreement in place. Industry standards, National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the Police, Data Protection and Health & Safety all require a maintenance agreement, are you compliant?


Insurance companies usually require you to maintain your fire and security system using an appropriately accredited supplier. The failure to do this may well invalidate your insurance policy, are you adequately covered?

At The Kirby Group we offer a range of service and maintenance agreements and can take over your existing maintenance and monitoring contracts.

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