150,000 CCTV Cameras deployed by coffee retailer.

CCTV Cameras across all Starbucks coffee shops are utilised in many ways by the multinational. As the companies ethos is to promote an open and friendly feeling to customers as you would yourself, extend to others that are invited into your own home. With the latter, it is inevitable that relaxed customers often leave their personal property behind or in some cases it may be stolen from customers tables. Staff working late shifts may also have to deal with threatening behavior as well as the retailer having to deal with slips, trip and fall claims. 

An important aspect of CCTV protection was a fundamental requirement where stores wanted a system that could offer CCTV analytic which would send an alert when luggage etc was left.

CCTV Systems now offer more facilities, so that retailers are able to evaluate data such as footfall, customer purchasing trends, lingering detection and micro-merchandising etc as well as simply just crime and loss prevention.