With the average cost of a fire to a commercial business being around £45,000 - not all met by insurance cover - it's no surprise that around 80% of businesses that suffer a serious fire go out of business within 3 years.

In addition to the financial toll which, according to the Association of British Insurers, is costing over £3.6m every day is the personal tragedy. Fire kills (388 in 2010 /11) and injures many hundreds of people each year - much of which could be avoided with the installation of a robust fire protection system.

The Kirby Group is at the forefront of protecting both people and property from the devastating effects of fire. We provide total fire safety solutions from domestic fire alarm systems to sophisticated commercial systems aimed at high footfall locations.

In addition to the installation of fire protection systems in both residential and commercial properties we also provide a specialists service to the education sector. In the UK, there are over 1600 school fires each year - that's one fire for every 20 schools - that costs taxpayers over £115m in real costs and severe disruption to a student's education.

The trend towards more open plan buildings and the increasing use of hi-tech electrical devices in educational establishments is proving to be a major contributory factor to the speed at which fire spreads. The Kirby Group has specialists who can advise on the most appropriate response to this ever growing concern.

The Kirby Group provides a totally comprehensive service to all types and levels of commercial, industrial and educational property. This includes the supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment, the training of staff and operatives, the installation of life saving fire doors, the regular testing of fire hydrants and wet and dry risers and the supply of fire suppression equipment.

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