Fire Alarms

Fire is one of the biggest risks that businesses and home owners face, also Arson puts lives at risk and the cost to industry is many millions of pounds each year. As such Fire Alarms and Smoke Detection Systems are vital.

Automatic Fire Alarm Systems  help to keep premises and their occupant's safe by providing an early warning of a possible fire and enabling people inside the building to evacuate. However the vast majority of signals from Automatic Fire Alarms are not actual Fires and this is especially true of those systems fitted by non-approved companies.

Fire alarm and Fire Detection Systems react to an increase in heat or the presence of Smoke. Unfortunately, they can also react to things such as steam, cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays, and light smoke from cooking hence the importance of correct design 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2008 replaced most of the existing fire safety legislation with a new single order.  In effect this removed the requirement for Fire Certificates and places the responsibility for risk assessments on the company and the ‘competent person’.

This had led to some confusion and the Kirby Group have stepped in to help many companies understand the Fire Regulations and with it ensure compliance.

The Kirby Group are  a  BAFE  SP203  company accredited    for   Fire Design,  Installation,  Commissioning  including  Handover   and  Maintenance  of  Fire System   and are able to  install a wide range of fire detection systems, all to BS 5839  which includes:

  • Standard Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Two Wire Technology Fire alarm Systems
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Optical Smoke Detectors
  • Ionisation Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Rate-of- Rise Detectors
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems

For impartial and knowledgeable advice you need look no further than the Kirby Group.

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