Intruder Detection

Choosing the right Intruder Alarm   system is not necessarily straight forward or simple, are we looking at internal or external systems?  Are we using contacts, infra-red, microwave or multi-sensors?  What about an annunciator, do I need one?

Choosing the right BURGLAR  ALARM system for your business can be a daunting task and if not carried out effectively, expensive.  There is nothing to be gained from over specifying an Alarm System  as  a poorly designed system will leave your business and its assets both vulnerable and exposed.

At the Kirby Group we will talk you through the various Security System options and take time to explain the differences so that you can make a fully informed decision.  We will ensure that a Security System we recommend, is commensurate with the risks faced and to do this we will:-

  • Draw up a site plan and identify the areas of concern and vulnerability.
  • Carry out a Risk Assessment.
  • Discuss commercial aspects for example is there a fixed budget?
  • Set our ‘Success Criteria’, how do we measure the effectiveness of the system?
  • Using the above information, design a technical solution that is both commercially acceptable and meets the agreed performance criteria.

Our professionally qualified and experienced Security  design team are here to help, why not drop us a line?

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Home Security & Intruder Security Alarms

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