Emergency Lighting

It’s a legal requirement that if normal lighting fails you need to be sure your staff, visitors and customers have a safe, efficient exit from the premises. The Kirby Group can supply and fit emergency luminaries that will provide instant lighting for a minimum of three hours.

All luminaries should be sited in the correct manner by expert fitters in accordance with BS 5266/Part1 1999. The Kirby Group has fully qualified, skilled professionals who can fit luminaries to the required standards according to the needs of your premises.

Here’s a quick rundown of where your luminaries should ideally be placed:

  • Near stairs and near changes of level
  • Within 2 metres of fire-fighting equipment and alarm call points
  • Near corners/ changes of direction
  • To illuminate safety signs and exit doors
  • Near each junction in corridors
  • Outside and adjacent to each final exit
  • Outside and within lifts
  • On or around moving stairways and walkways
  • Pedestrian escape routes from covered and multi-storey car parks
  • In and around toilets and facility areas of greater than 8m2
  • Moving or hazardous machinery, generator, control rooms and plant rooms
  • Open floor areas greater than 60m2

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