£180k awarded to fund sprinklers for vulnerable Londoners.

There were 527 fires in London care homes and sheltered accommodation, with two people dying and 34 people being injured During 2013/14. 

London Fire Deputy Commissioner, Rita Dexter said: “Sprinklers not only stop fires from spreading and put them out quickly, they save lives. We’re especially concerned about those who may not know how to react, or be able to react quickly enough, if they hear a smoke alarm.

Fire can strike when we least expect, many homes and businesses are completely destroyed. Businesses rarely recover and in most instances never trade again. In addition to the financial toll which, according to the Association of British Insurers, is costing over 3.6m every day is the personal tragedy. Fire kills (388 in 2010 /11) and injures many hundreds of people each year - much of which could be avoided with the installation of a robust fire protection system.