Is Crime Getting Worse?

Crime is always a sensitive issue and this is not helped by the politicians using the facts to meet their own political needs.

In recent years the official statistics have said that crime is reducing; our own experience has been somewhat different as has others in our industry.  We now know (officially) that the police have massaged figures and most recently that personal crime and burglary have increased.

When carrying out a risk assessment as part of the design process we are never offended when recommendations and findings are challenged.  We would rather be challenged and have our proposals robustly tested before installation as it can only be to the good.

When we next quote for work for you our challenge is for you to find fault with our suggested system.  We know that we are thorough, but it is only by close inspection that you can sleep easy knowing that your business, home, property and assets are in safe hands.

Go on, test us …