Home Security

According to Police statistics and British Crime, every 37 seconds a home somewhere in the UK is Burgled.

It makes one realise just how vulnerable our homes can be without adequate protection from a Burglar Alarm System. Stolen personal possessions and hard-earned material objects aside, it is the knowledge that a stranger has invaded our private space that is perhaps one of the most toughest things to come to terms with.

What is perhaps more frightening is the fact that in a quarter of Burglaries someone is at home when they take place. In nearly 20% of cases the victim sees the offender and in nearly a third of all break-ins, there are two offenders.

Most Burglaries are not pre-planned they are committed by opportunist thieves, and their most sought-after items are jewellery which may well be irreplaceable but will certainly have a sentimental value to us all. Then the next favourite items are Cash, Laptops, DVD or Blueray equipment, Mobile phones, PDA/Tablets. 

The most likely of properties to be targeted are properties that have no visible signs of security, but a British Crime Survey concluded that devices, in particular Intruder Alarms are very effective in reducing risk or Burglary. So a working Intruder Alarm System being installed within the property which will be visually apparent via a external Alarm Box fitted to the front and rear of a property is a big step in reassuring home owners and also giving them piece of mind. Burglars are more aware of most Alarm companies and the fact that the latter companies only install working and Monitored Alarm Systems, so be aware of this when you contemplate installing a dummy external Alarm Box.

The Kirby Group are able advise you of any potential risks that your property may have with regards to securing it with a Security System and or a CCTV System. Remember a working Burglar Alarm will certainly help in deterring the would-be unwanted intruders (Opportunist or not) and keep your Home Secure and not from becoming just another Crime Statistic....