The future of true CLOUD CCTV Surveillance is here...

The Kirby Group are soon to make available a new state of the art CCTV CLOUD surveillance solution.

The future of true CLOUD CCTV Surveillance is here,  whether you suddenly need to add additional CCTV to buildings, doors or specific areas. Our offering of CLOUD based CCTV technology solutions are built to grow right alongside your business.

Key points are:

True Cloud Managed CCTV recording appliance/service

Point/Click/Drag play back time line access via the Cloud

Secure off-site Cloud CCTV solutions

256-bit AES encryption

Simple and Secure CCTV access

Detection of Camera Issues

Analogue, ONVIF & IP camera connectivity

Live CCTV Surveillance with sound (via cameras with inbuilt microphones)

Accessible over the Web & via Mobile devices

On-site recording with Secure resilient off site back-up

No Software, No Ports to configure/open

Secure Separate network to clients existing network

A solution that still works even when the internet goes down, our onsite solutions makes sure your camera recordings never stop. The Internet may go down, but your Cameras will continue to keep recording and access to the recordings are always available. The onsite CCTV system is in constant communication with your sites cameras, constantly monitoring their operation whilst verifying they have not been tampered with. A CCTV solution that analyse the video for motion, whilst recording the incidents and encrypting and securing the video in preparation for a secure off site transfer into the cloud.

Your security needs today won’t be the same tomorrow, CLOUD CCTV security solutions are flexible both now and in the future .